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Cast: Beginner Theatre Group
Director: Ekaterina Vetrov, 
Anatolii Gensirovskii

Assistant Instructor: Iaromir Sedunov


Have you heard of the City of Clocks called Chronos Ville? Or maybe this city doesn’t exist… maybe it exists only in our imagination? Or maybe you visited this city once upon a time, in the very early childhood, which adults no longer remember?


Our junior actors will take you to Chronos Ville! We invite adults to return to their childhood, and children discover a story about the lost time. Together we will find out how important it is to listen to your heart and from youth not to waste time, because the future begins today.


Together with the heroine of the play - a simple girl - we will look at her life from birth to the day that changed her life from gray and ordinary to bright and extraordinary. Yes - yes, in the theatre this is possible!

And how did it happen? Come to our show to find out!

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