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Cast: Intermediate Theatre Group

Directors: Ekaterina Vetrov,Anatolii Gensirovskii 

Choreographer: Sherazade Mami 

Costume Designer: Anna Shestakova 

Lighting Designer: Anatolii Gensirovskii 

Sound Designer: Ekaterina Vetrov


Dear audience, we invite you to the forest!

What did you imagine right away? Trees, birds, paths ...? But no!

We invite you to the magical African jungle forest! And this jungle is full of wonders!


We created this performance based on the poems of children's poets, and the book of the wonderful poet M. Yasnov "Druzhungli” that became the core of our new show.


Our actors will take you through the jungle, where animals speak with human voices, argue, make friends, philosophize, dance, and even hold beauty contests.

But wait, there is more to it, the LETTERS grow in this forest… How is that possible?

Come and find out!

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