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Cast: Advanced Theatre actors
Director: Ekaterina Vetrov and Anatolii Gensirovskii

Choreographer: Mariya Bugrova
Costume designer: Anna Shestakova

Sound designer: Ekaterina Vetrov


This story happened in those distant times when people wore skins instead of clothes, lived in caves instead of houses, and believed in the powers of natural spirits. Young artists of our theatre present an original take on a play by the Russian playwright Alexander Volodin that tells a story from the life of primitive people. Love and betrayal, loneliness and happiness, power and revenge, as well as many other themes are intertwined in this play. This story could happen to any of us today, it reflects our modern challenging times and current struggles more than ever.

This special piece is told through wild dances and movement, imaginative tricks with ropes and sticks, and beautiful words of the legendary author.

The show was performed outdoors at Andrew Haydon Park in Ottawa.

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