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Children's Theatre Exchange: Atlanta meets Ottawa, March 15-19th, 2023.

Participants: Solo Theatre (Atlanta, USA) KingDom Theatre (Ottawa, Canada)

Celebrating the Theatrical Magic of Friendship! We've just wrapped up an incredible experience with the Children's Theatre Exchange between Ottawa's KingDom Theatre and Atlanta's Solo Theater! We were absolutely impressed by the spectacular show put on by the talented artists from KingDom Theatre. But it didn't stop there! Our young actors had the chance to learn from a variety of instructors during acting classes. They even had the opportunity to express their creativity through mask-making with an amazing art instructor! One of the most heartwarming aspects of this exchange was witnessing the beautiful friendships formed between the visiting kids and their host families. Living together provided a unique opportunity to learn about each other's cultures and strengthen the bonds between us.

Thank you to everyone who made this Children's Theatre Exchange an unforgettable experience! Let's keep the love for theatre and continue to bridge cultures through the universal language of art.


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