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Children's Theatre Exchange: Montreal meets Ottawa, December 3-4th, 2022.

This time our friends, Mosaïque de Montréal, welcomed us in their studio in Montreal.

The weekend started with workshops based on the famous musical “CATS”: vocal,

choreography, and stage make up. Actors from both theatres rehearsed a piece from the musical

and then performed it together. The day finished with incredible party where we all sang and

danced together, treated by tasty food and beautiful cake prepared by the parents.

On day two, KingDom Theatre performed the show “Winter Bird” at a beautiful theatre for two

sold out housed. This was our theatre’s first appearance in Montreal, and we were so touched by

sensitive, clever, and responsive audience that met us there! We received lots of thoughtful

feedback that we greatly appreciate and value!

Participants’ Response:

Going to the Children’s Theatre Exchange in Montreal was my first time travelling with

KingDom Theatre. Usually, I hesitate travelling as it is stressful for me. But after the exchange, I

now think of travelling as something that I can learn from and this experience completely

changed my point of view, not only towards travelling and theatre, but also what I am capable of.

- Alisa Rogul, 12.

After this trip to Montreal, I realized how universal the language of theatre really is because even

though we are two different theatres, there was never a moment of misunderstanding. The magic

of theatre is what unites us and brings us together.

- Alexandra Demkina, 13.


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