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Children's Theatre Exchange: Ottawa meets Montreal

Children's Theatre Exchange : Ottawa meets Montreal took place on October 29-30 th 2022, when

our friends Mosaïque de Montréal joined KingDom Theatre for an eventful weekend full of

theatre, training, performances, and incredible emotions!

DAY 1. Theatre Mosaïque de Montréal is our guest this weekend as 30 young actors get together

for Children's Theatre Exchange ! First day is full of workshops led by KingDom Theatre:

1. Ensemble Acting taught by Ekaterina Vetrov and Anatolii Gensirovskii.

2. Juggling With Scarves taught by Advanced Theatre students.

3. Mandela Dance taught by Sherazade Mami.

Moving, breathing, and creating together is the best part of the exchange!

We finished the day with the Creative Evening gathering on a rooftop where we celebrated

together, danced a flash mob coordinated by KingDom Theatre students, ate tasty food prepared

by our theatre parents, and shared stories about theatre all night long!

DAY 2. Today Mosaïque de Montréal presented their musical show "Snow White And Seven

Dwarfs" on our stage in Ottawa! It was an incredible day with lots of applause, productive

critical discussions between students of both theatre, backstage work, interviews, and of course


Participants’ Response:

From this exchange I brought back friends that became family, memories I will never forget, and

many new skills that I got to learn from my peers. 

– Maya Zoger, 14.

I found the exchange super fun because the whole weekend we all felt connected like good

friends, even though we have just met. My favourite part about the entire exchange was how we

all understood each other and felt comfortable because we are connected by one wonderful thing:

theatre! It felt so great to finally meet people who share interests with you and actually listen and

respond with their own stories and experiences.

- Alexandra Demkina, 13.

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