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Halloween Street Performance.

This is our theatre's 2nd Annual Shadow & Dance Street Extravaganza where we return with the new story!

Route your Trick or Treating trail through this magical location called "The Ghost City":

  • Spooky characters will come to life on shadow screens and will tell many fascinating stories;

  • Freakiest creatures will dance for you in the moonlight;

  • Actors will take you through immersive installation and tell ghost stories;

  • The Witch will prepare apples for all the kids.*

*Beautiful and healthy alternative to candies!

The performances will be held outside, you can stop by on your way at any time between 6:30-7:30pm on Halloween night!

Our students will be delighted to surprise and scare you!

All the performances are FREE of admission. Candies donations are accepted by our young performers!


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