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International project for child protection day.

The wisest adults understand that children need protection at all times. Every day of the year should be Child Protection Day. Although not every day can be a holiday. A holiday is known to be more of a man-made event than a calendar one. While adults are trying to find an opportunity for dialogue without going to war, children easily find common ground.

For many years the Piano theatre has been conducting the international inclusive project "PIANO - FORTISSIMO", organizing joint projects with children's theatres in Russia and abroad.

During 34 years of its creative wanderings the theatre has visited 18 countries, representing Russia and Nizhny Novgorod at more than 80 prestigious international theatre festivals and competitions.

The stock of impressions, emotions from bright unforgettable creative meetings remains for life. And in quarantine conditions Piano children build creative bridges with their hands all over the world, crossing language and other borders.

And in confirmation of the metaphor "The whole world is a stage" - a little creation with our friends from Russia, USA, Canada, Italy, England.

This is a children's theatrical diplomacy!

Directed by Anastasia Chikisheva.

Installation - Olga Smorodina

Together with: MTYA Theatre (Musical Theatre of Young Actor) Russia, Moscow.

The Imagination Stage Theater - Washington DC, USA.

Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre - Ottawa, Canada.

Solo Theater - Atlanta, USA

Theatre TPZ - Brixen/Bressanone, Italy.

Also, friends of the Piano Theatre The Rushton family, England.


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