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Open Classes: Extraordinary Discoveries

Five open performances by our youth actors wrapped up the year of 2022! With a special feeling, you watch how the artists grow, how their skills strengthen, how their plasticity, voice, presentation, emotions, and involvement in the process change, how with each step, they gain more and more freedom on stage, confidence in themselves and their friends, worry about the everyday business and invest in it wholeheartedly!

THANK YOU to our artists for being you, you are the best, and we love you very much!

THANKS to the teachers for their excellent work, dedication, creativity, ingenuity, energy, and care for the children!

THANKS to parents for their support and for seeing the value in creative work!

THANK YOU to our creative team that creates photos, videos, and designs of the theatre and captures the most important and brightest moments of our theatrical life!

And, of course, THANK YOU to our viewers, friends, and colleagues who are always with us, watch performances, support in word and deed, and inspire new achievements!

The theater is on vacation until January 9th! All magical holidays!!! Use any calculation option convenient for you.


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