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Theatre Celebrates 11th Birthday!!!

When there is over a decade behind you, it is not that easy to recapture all the moments that made you smile, that made you heart tremble, made you fall in love, brought tears to your eyes as happiness was overwhelming, all the moments of inspiration, discoveries, flights! And YES, we had a great deal of those emotions because our theatre was always lucky to be surrounded by great friends and romantic people of all ages who dared to dream together!.. Happy Birthday, Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre!

P.S. Let’s recapture some bright moments of the past years accompanied by the song “Move the World” from the 15th World Festival of Children’s Theatre (Lingen, Germany) that still inspires us to make changes and create theatre together!

The Best Cake

The task of our young artists is to prove themselves as the artists of culinary and bake the most delicious and beautiful cake for the Theater's birthday.

The jury of professional confectioners will be invited to  identify the winners !!!

Our guests will be able to taste all of the tasty masterpieces at the celebration!

Birthday wishes

On the same evening, we will arrange a second friendly competition, where the children will show their talents presenting poems, songs and theatrical miniatures.


Expect our traditional theatrical games, creative wishes, and all kinds of fun activities for the whole family!


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