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Cast: Advanced Theatre Group

Directors: Ekaterina Vetrov,Anatolii Gensirovskii 

Choreographer: Sherazade Mami 

Visual Arts Instructor: Olga Nazarkina 

Costume Designer: Anna Shestakova 

Lighting Designer: Anatolii Gensirovskii 

Sound Designer: Ekaterina Vetrov


Have you ever been to Japan?

In the summer of 2022, our theatre was fortunate to be touring in Japan and performing in Toyama festival. The impressions that we brought from this country cannot be expressed in words. But we are artists and we wanted to share with you, our audience, our impressions of the magical Japan, so we created a performance!


We will tell the story of Taro The Dragon Boy. Why did an ordinary guy from a Japanese village get such a nickname? You will find out if you come to our show. Taro will go on a dangerous journey, he will have to overcome many obstacles that appear on his way, defeat evil spirits, gain strength and friends, and save people who are the dearest to his heart.


The young actors of our theatre will turn into a variety of characters before your eyes and tell you about the wanderings of Taro in a fun and humorous way. The performance is full of movement, music, dance, drums, and our actors work with Japanese masks that they created with their own hands.

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