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Cast: Advanced and Intermediate Theatre actors
Playwright: Valery Zimin
Director: Ekaterina Vetrov

Movement Instructor: Simon Lalande

Technical Director: Alexander Vetrov and students of the Set Design class
Costume Designer: Anna Shestakova and students of the Costume Design class
Make Up: Anastasia Boguslavskaya

Hair: Alexandra Isenor

From the comfort of his own apartment, a young talented Artist has almost finished his next masterpiece - a Tale. He painted a kingdom with a King who always thinks (or maybe pretends?) and he is sick and unlikely to live much longer. There is the Lady of the Court – evil and cunning, and a great liar. Her ultimate goal is to become the Queen, and she will stop at nothing to reach her goal. The Artist decides to paint someone who will restore happiness and justice in the kingdom – the Princess! In fact, he has a magic paintbrush to do so. As he is getting ready to paint the Princess – the Lady steals his paintbrush and drags him into her world of the fairy tale!

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