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Children's Theatre Exchange provides an opportunity for children who participate in theatre groups of various cities around the world to find friends with similar interests;

exchange and share their theatre experience;

broaden their perception of the theatre world;

learn to engage in open discussions about each other's work skillfully and professionally;

and find joy in creative collaboration with new people.




KingDom Theatre met SOLO Theatre in 2014 in Washington, DC at the  International Festival of Children’s and Youth Theaters. During that exciting weekend in Washington, we became close friends and were really sad when we found out we lived so far away. At the end of the festival, KingDom Theatre took home the award for the Best Director while  SOLO was awarded the Grand-Prix. After this memorable meeting, we decided to start  Children’s Theatre Exchange, because we knew that we just must continue our artistic dialogue with each other and share with new audiences.  

KingDom Theatre and SOLO Theatre are in a constant search for new friends, new experiences, and new ways of expression! This is how this project was born and it proved to be one of the most breathtaking journeys we’ve ever had! 

We are here on a volunteer basis and out of a sincere belief that we can create a strong community of children's theatres from all over the world that want to connect and grow while helping each other to reach new creative goals!


We are looking for new theatre companies who want to meet with us and EXCHANGE  or companies that want to organize their own exchanges and need guidance and support!



KingDom Theatre

Ekaterina Vetrov - Artistic Director 
Alexander Vetrov - Technical Director

SOLO Theatre

Ivan Logvinov - Director
Ekaterina Serebryakova - Manager and Drama Instructor

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