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Buzzing Carnival

On June 4-5, 2022, KingDom Theater hosted a grand event showcasing the great talent of Ottawa children! The children participated in the Buzzing Parade, staged a Buzzing Concert on the Welcome Open Stage, performed on the theater stage at the Nepean Art Center, exhibited fine arts, held creative workshops, and celebrated together at a breathtaking party!

Join the territory of childhood, fun, and art!

This event is an excellent opportunity for children from various local creative teams to meet like-minded people of their age and make new friends demonstrate their talent on a hospitable stage for a cheering audience, and Parade in beautiful costumes with friends. And family, and make history by participating in Ottawa's first Summer Creative Kids Carnival!

KingDom Theater has been creating vibrant international children's events for 13 years. We love to put on performances outside of the theater and explore our beautiful city and world. We love guests who join us from all over the world to explore together. And we travel a lot to perform at the most fantastic international festivals. Buzzing Carnival is a dream project based on all our experiences and our hearts that we have been preparing since 2019!


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