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Shows 2022


Let’s imagine what happens on the roof at night… Our young actors will present an original show that tells stories of various characters who come out at night and live their life under the moon and stars. The performance is crafted with poems, movement, dance, shadows, and beautiful joyful images that came out of our artists’ fantasy.

Performers: Beginner Theatre group, KingDom Theatre

Director: Ekaterina Vetrov Stage Manager: Tatiana Lazutin


Inspired by Levi Pinfold’s “Black Dog”. Have you ever heard the legend of the Black Dog? They say that from just looking at this monster, terrible things begin to happen in life. One morning the Black Dog visits the Hope Family…

This story is about fear. About courage to face our fears. About our perception of the world.

The ensemble of actors will tell this story with humour and imagination while playing with shadows and light.

Performers: Intermediate Theatre group, KingDom Theatre

Directors: Ekaterina Vetrov and Anatolii Gensirovskii


Inspired by the Swedish children’s novel “The Ice Sea Pirates” by Frida Nilsson and the contemporary Scandinavian singer AURORA and her song “Winter Bird”.

Siri and her sister Miki live by the Ice Sea. In the evenings they sit by the fire and tell stories about a pirate with hair white as snow and heart as empty as an ice cave. One morning, while sisters are out picking snowberries, Miki is abducted by Captain Whitehead and taken away on the White Crow ship.

The ensemble of actors tells a story of Siri, who decides to overcome her fears and find her sister despite the terrors of the cold world around her, ice and snow, bloodthirsty wolves, ugly mermaids, and scared humans who do not believe she can succeed. We see this story through Siri’s eyes, we observe shadows of her fears that become bigger than her, and then witness how this young girl finds courage to conquer each fear to continue her journey. It’s a tale of ups and downs, struggle and hope, betrayal and friendship, loneliness and sisterhood.

The performance is created in such theatrical styles as physical theatre, theatre of hands “handmade”, shadow theatre, puppetry, and riddled with the contemporary Scandinavian music.

Performers: Advanced Theatre group, KingDom Theatre

Directors: Ekaterina Vetrov and Anatolii Gensirovskii Choreographer: Sherazade Mami Visual Arts Instructor: Olga Nazarkina

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