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Dreams come true: teaching a theatre course at Carleton University

I am "back to school", but now in a way I always wanted it to be I was planning this course for several years, then pandemic hit and it was cancelled twice, but three is a charm, so I spent this morning with my beautiful 3rd and 4th year university students! For those who are curious what I am teaching, description is below And some of you will get to meet the students at KingDom Theatre when they come for their practicum to work with our youth actors in November!

I want to thank Janne Cleveland for believing in me and giving me this incredible opportunity despite all the challenges that were on the way! I am so grateful!!!

ENGL 3608 A: Topics in Theatre Management Drama Studies: Creating Children’s Theatre

Course Outline: This course explores a combination of theory and practice in the most effective teaching and directing methods for working with children and youth. Students will learn the basics of managing their own successful arts business in the field of TYA. As well, students will gain an understanding of how children’s theatre creates possibilities for personal artistic growth and social change. This is a practicum course where students will have an experiential learning opportunity to work directly with children and youth in the internationally acclaimed Ottawa-based company KingDom Theatre.

Course Objectives: - Students will learn the basics of creating and managing a children’s theatre company/ group/ class. - Students can expect to expand knowledge of contemporary theatre styles and international practices of children’s theatre. - Students will learn contemporary approaches to teaching and directing children and youth. - Students will gain practical experience in the industry of children’s theatre. - Students will experience the requirements for working with international theatre companies and festivals.


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