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    Admission to all programs of KingDom Theatre is on the audition basis. Accepted students receive a formal invitation from the Artistic Director to register for the season. KingDom Theatre’s Artistic Committee reserves the right to make decisions regarding student’s admission and transition from one level of the program to another. Registration for the season implies that the student is signed for the program that runs from September to June. Registration is considered active only after the student's payment has been processed AND all registration documents are signed by parents/ guardians. DUE dates: payments must be made before or on the 1st date of each month. Fees must be paid in full by the due dates or students will not be permitted in class. Late payments may result in loss of a spot in the class. The studio will administer a $25 charge to all late payments and postponed/held tuition payments for whatever reason. Payments not submitted by studio closing on the due date are considered late. In case of failure of payment, student's registration becomes inactive and consequently canceled for the season. KingDom Theatre reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel a student's registration and enrollment at any time due to excessive lateness and/or absence, disruptive behavior, and/or non-payment of tuition or other charges due.
    Current list with fees that are specific to your program of study will be sent to a student upon audition registration. Registration for classes: fees for regular weekly classes at KingDom Theatre. Budget Fee: one-time fee that is paid upon registration. This amount is used during the season to cover such production costs as materials, costumes, set, props, makeup, extra equipment rental, etc., and photographer/ videographer. Additional Field Trips: trips that students take with their instructors that take place outside KingDom Theatre. An example is a trip to see a theatre production at one of the professional theatres in Ottawa. Parents agree to cover tickets for their child, split the cost of 2 instructors’ tickets, and to take care of their child’s transportation. If the trip happens outside of a regular pre-paid class time, an hourly rate for instruction will be added. International Programs: KingDom Theatre offers a variety of international programs such as Children’s Theatre Exchange, participation in international festivals and contests, national and international tours. A separate contract will be provided to the eligible students.
    Payments will be accepted by a. E-Transfer sent to b. Cheque made payable to Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre c. Cash
    KinDom Theatre reserves the right to alter or cancel any program if there is insufficient number of registered students (less than 8 students per class). In case of the program cancellation, KingDom Theatre will refund each student who has already made the payment. In the event where a student wants to terminate the contract and registration after the season has started (any time between September and June): Parents/ guardians are required to give 2-weeks notice in writing to the Artistic Director at The student is required to continue payments during this period of two weeks, even if he/she decides not to attend classes during this period. If parents/guardians have pre-paid for the period that exceeds 2-weeks, the rest of the amount will be refunded by KingDom Theatre. ‘Budget Fee’ is non-refundable. A $25 administration fee will be charged to all refunds made throughout the theatre season. If a student misses classes due to personal reasons that include, but not limited to illness, injury, religious/ family events, vacations, events at other clubs or school, no refunds will be issued by KingDom Theatre. Parents/ guardians are required to make regular payments for ongoing programs to maintain an active registration and spot in the group. In case of failure of payment, student's registration becomes inactive and consequently canceled for the current season. In case of class cancellations due to emergency events that include, but not limited to dangerous weather conditions, loss of power in the building, City of Ottawa imposed restrictions, or other circumstances that lead to the building closure by Nepean Creative Arts Centre that provides rental space to KingDom Theatre, KingDom Theatre is not responsible for issuing refunds to students. If the class is canceled due to KingDom Theatre’s internal reasons: illness/ absence of the instructor, or schedule issues, the amount paid by a student for canceled class will be credited and KingDom Theatre will offer options to reschedule missed class.
    Parents/guardians are asked to notify the instructor in advance in writing via email if a student has to miss a class. Excessive Absence: the student misses 20% or more of classes per semester. In this case: The instructor will notify parents and ask them for a meeting to discuss the situation; The student won't be admitted to the performance of the final production that is presented to the public. The student may be allowed to continue regular classes. Students are required to attend ALL Dress Rehearsals during the 6-weeks period that leads to the public performance, as well as to be available for ALL of the scheduled public performances. This schedule is made available by KingDom Theatre at least 1 month in advance. If the student cannot attend these scheduled rehearsals and performances, the student may be pulled from the performance with no refund. This decision is at the Artistic Committee discretion. 5 latenesses that exceed 10 minutes are counted as 1 missed class. Students have a 20 minute grace period (free of charge) before each class that they are encouraged to take advantage of: they can use the theatre's space and equipment, get individual attention from the instructor, use this time to warm up and improve their skills, and practice individually or with their stage partners.
    Please respect your studio; do not wear street shoes in the studios; place all garbage in the trash cans, pick up your belongings, keep your change rooms and washrooms tidy. Please be sure to clean up after yourself and return props to the locker when you are finished with the class. It is important that students come to class dressed in the proper theatre attire: black t-shirt with short or long sleeve black stretchy pants or leggings black socks black jazz shoes ** no patterns/ pictures/ colours can be shown on the theatre clothes This is necessary for proper instruction and safety. Students who do not come prepared for class in the proper uniform will be asked to leave. Jazz shoes and theatre clothes should be kept in neat and tidy condition. If there are holes in your jazz shoes, please, replace them immediately for your safety. Students must have their hair tied back, and off their face for all the classes. For safety reasons, no jewelry may be worn in class. Please leave all jewelry at home. KingDom Theatre is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Please leave your valuables at home. Email or message your instructor and notify us if you are going to be absent. Please make every effort to be present at all of your classes. Take advantage of the Google Calendar that is set up for your class. You can use it to learn about any important dates, performances, holidays, and also find information about your Creative Homework. The link to the Calendar will be sent to you by the instructor in September. Students will show the utmost respect to fellow theatre students, parents, staff, theatre’s guests, and the facility at all times.
    Please be sure to pick up students promptly after class, students are supervised for 10 minutes after class only. The studio is extremely busy and is not responsible for your children after class. Please remember that the theatre studio is not a child care facility. An appointment should be made with instructors if a conversation is expected to take more than a few minutes. An instructor schedules group parents meetings when details of the upcoming events need to be discussed in person and decisions are made collectively by the group. These meetings are mandatory. Please make sure at least one parent/ guardian is present at the meeting. Please do not disturb classes already in progress. If there is an urgent matter or you have to pick up your child earlier, please, message your instructor in advance and wait in the lobby. Please make every effort to bring your children to class on time. We understand that everyone has a schedule, please respect ours. Parents and any other spectators are not allowed in class. Special dates will be scheduled for public performances. It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that the office is informed of any change in address, telephone number, method of payment and/or other contact information in the event of an emergency. Any medical conditions and treatments that apply to your child should also be indicated on your registration form. Take advantage of the Google Calendar that is set up for your child’s class. You can use it to learn about any important dates, performances, holidays, and also find information about your child’s Creative Homework. The link to the Calendar will be sent to you by the instructor in September.
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